The House

One Address and Countless life Shaping Memories

Since 1928, the House at 635 North 16th Street has been our constant. As names and fashions come and go the house remains virtually unchanged. For more than 8o yeas it has served as far more than just a place to live during college but as the home to men of high standards and the center of activities that have shaped lives, built character and opened doors to the future.

SAE NELP Chapter HouseYou may have heard that plans are moving forward to renovate the chapter house and during the next 12 months you’ll likely hear more about this project. Several other fraternities and sororities have completed renovations. Our plan includes upgrading the infrastructure of the facility, adding interior sprinkler/fire safety systems and renovation of all common areas, study and living spaces. We will give special focus to ensuring that the living areas support a socially responsible, active living and learning environment. Unlike other projects around campus, we will maintain the integrity of the original architecture both in terms of the interior and exterior. The student living spaces will be significantly upgraded but maintained structurally. While some fraternities have created “suites” we will maintain two and three man living quarters to ensure that our active members live, learn and grow utilizing the entire house as their home. We’ve also been thoughtful in not over extending current finances. Where other organizations embarked on their projects before finalizing costs and revenue models, we’ve taken a more strategic approach to ensure that all expenses can be covered as they are incurred and that the path to completion follows a logical and thoughtful path.

Our goal is to create an environment that fosters and cultivates True Gentlemen for many years to come. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us at info@