Time here is life changing

SAE advances the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for members throughout life

SAE has a long history of excellence at the University of Nebraska. The time tested traditions established by members since our founding in 1893 are positive and productive. The goal is, was and will always be to create the best learning and living environment for members during their college careers. Young men learn and grow from a support system that stresses scholarship, leadership, philanthropy and friendship. The character of our members is defined and guided by the True Gentlemen (see below) our National code of conduct.

SAE is proud to be the first national fraternity to end pledgeship. Students and the alumni body that governs the House work with the University and our National Fraternity to maintain and advance a culture of respect that enhances academic and non-academic life. SAE does not tolerate traditions and behaviors that dishonor members and others.

SAE members live and enjoy the Greek life. Social and philanthropic activities offer members a chance to meet and connect with others on campus. The experience add to the college experience and helps members as the graduate to the working world.


The SAE House at the University of Nebraska sits in the heart of Greek row a close walk from campus. It is picturesque example of English Tudor style. Built in 1928, the SAE House has Historical Landmark status. The House was renovated in 2017 to give new generations a safe and welcoming place to live and study.

Supported by strong local and national leadership 

The SAE Alumni Association is an important resource to students. Alumni provide academic and leadership scholarships, host Homecoming and Founder’s Day events and interact with actives to bolster their both social and business connections. active SAE has an active local Board of Directors that works with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Fraternity (headquartered in Evanston, Illinois) to assure positive learning environments and the health and safety of its members.


Mike Sophir (Nebraska ’85) is the Eminent Supreme Recorder and CEO of Sigma Alpha Epsilon national fraternity. He is the 14th ESR in the organization’s history.

Academic excellence

The SAE House at the University of Nebraska maintains high standards for academic success.  To remain active, new members must earn a 2.7 grade point average as a full-time student carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours at UNL if they do not achieve this requirement within their first two consecutive semesters, their membership in the organization is rescinded. All members are required to maintain a minimum cumulative average of 2.7 at all times. Failure to meet these standards may result in academic probation, loss of voting rights before the Chapter, the opportunity to serve in leadership roles and/or their membership being rescinded.

SAE provides a supportive academic environment for freshmen and upperclassmen. Any member that falls below the 2.7 goal at any given time is required to participate in a chapter managed study hour program, Sunday through Thursday from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Anti-hazing Initiative

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a zero tolerance policy for hazing and was the first fraternity to nationally sign the No-Hazing Charter in 2000. We are committed to creating a safe environment for all of our members. You can learn more about the Fraternity stance and policies on this subject and others by visiting and reading the Minerva’s Shield guidelines.

Chapter House Facts

The SAE House includes several common living areas, libraries and study spaces. T1 wireless access is available in every room in the house. The members live in 2 or 3-man rooms with sleeping and study space as well as storage. Our full-time, live-in Housemother, Sue Crisler, has and continues to be a welcome part of our Fraternity since 2008.

Members (including freshmen) move into the Fraternity House in the fall. The timing is very beneficial as it gives students a valuable network on which to rely as they embark on their college career. It also provides us with a great opportunity to educate and integrate our newest members into the organization immediately.

During the school week, members are provided three meals a day. Our meal schedule is :

  • Formal dinner is held every Monday night at 5:30 p.m.
  • Buffet style dinner is served Tuesday-Thursday from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
  • Lunch is served Monday-Thursday from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Brunch is served Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. with an early dinner at 4:00 p.m.
  • There are no official meals on Saturday or Sunday; however, our snack room is open all day on both days, providing members access to an assortment of food.

Alumni of every generation provide active support to members and expect members to uphold the high standards and positive traditions of SAE in the classroom, in the chapter room and out into the community.

Ryan Moline     


Letter from the President

Welcome to the Nebraska Lambda-Pi chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

College is a time of making memories, achieving academic goals, and finding out who you are as a person. One thing that pulls all these together is the friends you make along the way. In Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the brotherhood will challenge you to succeed, open you up to new opportunities, and allow you to participate in something bigger than yourself. You will mix with a group of men from diverse backgrounds and interests that will give you a chance to grow and develop lifelong friendships, all while upholding our reputation as True Gentlemen (our guiding motto).

Sigma Alpha Epsilon understands that the most important thing we do in college is set ourselves up for success later in life. We work hard to instill good study habits early on in our members and push them to excel in their classes. Our GPA reported for the last fall as a house was a 3.075, which is modest but improving, our goal for the spring semester is to boost that up to a 3.150 for the spring semester and continue to build on the progress we have made. We hope that our scholarship program we have in place will earn us a reputation as a fraternity that truly values academic growth in our members.

We, as a Fraternity, also understand the duty we have as an organization to give back to our fellow man. We participate in multiple events throughout the year. We will host the 35th annual “Do It Sober” alcohol awareness program, which focuses on helping the students at UNL make wise and responsible decisions regarding the use of alcohol. Our Hockey Fights Cancer philanthropy raised over $4,000 to help pay for a member’s cancer treatments. We also are raised $4,000 for Children’s Miracle Network through Dance Marathon by the event date and plan on continuing to support the cause in the future. Paddy Murphy, which will take place from April 16th-18th, will also raise funds to help cancer research.

Community Service is an area that we pride ourselves on and plan on growing in as well. Currently, the Fraternity has a massive showing in a campus-wide community service opportunity called the Big Event. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has already been recognized for their participation in this event that takes place in early April. We plan on expanding our community service efforts to include a community service event next fall as well.

The members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are involved throughout the campus community. You can often find our members competing in intramural championships, helping to change our campus through clubs, advancing their knowledge through academic fraternities, and supporting UNL sports in the student section. We strive to become influential figures within the Greek community and do our part in shaping University Life.

In March of 2014 Sigma Alpha Epsilon became the first fraternity to eliminate the process of pledging. Today we extend bids and initiate new brothers within 90 hours of their arrival campus. For some chapters this may have been a more challenging change but for us it was relatively simple because we had a limited term pledge program for over 10 years. The result of this new approach, which is really a return to our original principals, has been received well and has had a positive impact. The fact is, good brothers are not built through pledge programs. Brotherhood is built through trust and friendship and there is no better time to start that development than on day one! We recently initiated 4 new brothers from our spring rush process and initiated 46 members last fall. We are excited by the prospects ahead and look forward to building on the great foundation of past generations. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon take pride in being True Gentleman with our goals being develop leaders, emphasize responsibility and encourage accountability.

Also, in the summer of 2017, the Chapter House of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nebraska Lampda-Pi had a massive renovation. This was made possible due to the support of our outstanding alumni. We have modernized the rooms while keeping the house’s historical feel that many members are fond of intact. This has lead to an improvement in the standard of life that a member of the fraternity enjoys to something that is to be envied. Our staff in charge of running the house do so professionally, but with a personal touch that makes the members truly feel at home.

As Eminent Archon (President) of the Nebraska Lambda-Pi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I thank you for taking the time to read in to our values as an organization and see our goals for the future. I hope you will visit other sections of our website to learn more about the active chapter, recruitment of new members, alumni programs, and many other facets of the Fraternity.

Sincerely to all and Phi Alpha to Brothers,

Ryan Moline

Eminent Archon 2018 (President)

Current Officers

Ryan Moline                          President

James Lohaus                     Vice President

Nick Trude                            Security and Risk Management OFFICER

Blake Lagasse                     Treasurer

Will Conway                          Executive Rush Chair

Drew Pflug                            Recorder/Rush Chair

John Timmerman               New Member Educator/Rush Chair

Will Kneifl                              House Manager

2018 Rush Class

2018 Rush Chairman:

Drew Pflug, John Timmerman and Will Conway

Andy Reel – Millard South
Ben Sievers – Skutt Catholic
Brian Leiferman – Omaha Westside
Carter Hancock – San Diego, California
Chris Cavazos – Millard NorthCole Howes – Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Dylan Bruggeman – Omaha Westside
Gage Rose – Grand Island, Nebraska
Garrett Freund – Los Angeles, California
Garrett Ostlund – Chicago, Illinois
Garrett Stigge – Kansas City, Missouri
Grant Young – Millard North
Griffin Trude – Omaha Westside
Hayden Sinnett – Johnston, Iowa
Jack Carlson – Skutt Catholic
Jack Mausbach – Creighton Prep
Jackson Edmundson – Skutt Catholic
Joey Mills – Eagan, Minnesota
Kade Hollenbeck – Elkhorn High
Kaydan Kavan – Lincoln Southwest
Kyle Sweeney – Gross Catholic
Luke Johnson – Dakota Dunes, South Dakota
Micheal Reinert – Omaha Westside
Mitch Wurm – Lincoln East
Parker Holzworth – Omaha Westside
Penn Johnson – Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Quinn Landenburg – Elkhorn South
Riley Katen – Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Ross Kasselder – Atlanta, Georgia
Ryan Trout – Skutt Catholic
Tom Gunderson – Elkhorn south
Tim Welch – Skutt Catholic
Trent Carlson – Millard North
Trent Wingate – Norfolk, Nebraska
Will Kozeny – Elkhorn South

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