SAE Recruitment

Interested in becoming an SAE?

Sigma Alpha Epsilon offers young men many important advantages in college and beyond. In a critical moment of development, SAE surrounds its members with key pillars of positive growth; scholarship, leadership, friendship and service.  The friends you make here will inspire you to reach your highest potential and the friendships you’ll make will last a lifetime.

125 years of success behind you

History is on your side when you join Sigma Alpha Epsilon. We’ve have been a big part of the Nebraska campus for the near entirety of the school’s existence. One of the first four fraternities on campus, SAE has produced leaders on campus and business In that time. Homecoming kings, Phi Beta Kappas, athletes, student Presidents, a Heisman trophy runner-up, future Congressmen, and business executives in all fields. After college, SAE ties are valuable in networking and business.

A great support system and great location

The SAE house is located in the middle of Greek row. It is convenient to the Student Union, classroom buildings, intramural fields and the fitness center. The House was renovated in 2017.

Summer Recruitment

SAE formally selects new members during a summer recruitment process with invitations issued based on character, leadership and commitment to academics. The recruitment period typically begins in early May as students graduate from high school and is most often complete by July 1. On average, we select 25-30 new SAE’s each year.

If the benefits and friendships of SAE interest you, we encourage you to contact us today.

The Recruitment process is led by SAE Recruitment Chairman. They will get to know you through in-home meetings, over lunch or dinner or touring the SAE House. They take time to meet your parents and are ready to answer any questions you and they have. In addition, each weekend from late May through early July, SAE hosts events, often at the home of current members or alumni. At these events you and other prospective new members from around the state and country get to know existing members and decide if SAE is the right fit for you.

If you are a student interested in joining SAE, please complete our Student Recruitment Application. It helps us learn more about you and ensure we have your name on our contact lists.

Alumni, family and friends that would like to submit a recommendation for a possible candidate are encouraged to complete our Recruitment Recommendation Form. Upon submission these forms are directed to our Recruitment Chairmen. If you prefer to speak with any of our Recruitment Chairman directly, their phone numbers and email are listed below.

2023 SAE Recruitment​ Chairmen

Sam Gifford (Exec)

Josh Hauser

Parker Keeler

Please Be Aware: If you are interested in the Fraternity System at UNL, most of the fraternities on campus including ΣAE do plan for and require freshmen live in the house. If you have reserved and placed a deposit on a UNL Dormitory room, you must cancel that reservation by May 1 in order to receive partial return of your deposit from the University.