Tax Deductible Giving Opportunities and Recognition

The Campaign will recognize cumulative giving from all participating individuals. To provide the greatest opportunity for involvement in supporting the renovation project and the future of our Home, we can accept single one-time gifts or create formal pledges to be met over a one, two or three year period.

Note: The above gift schedule can be customized on an individual basis as needed. For details or questions in this regard please contact Mike Sophir at 

To ensure all areas of the House offer 100% tax-deductible giving opportunities, we have secured Historic Landmark status through the city of Lincoln and as part of the Historic status conferred on Greek Row. We have also established a Chapter Allocation Fund (CAF) through the Sigma Alpha Foundation, which specifically supports library, academic areas and
resources of the House.

Naming opportunities are described in each of the applicable giving levels and will be awarded based on the level of giving, timing of the gift commitment and completion. At the Leader and Hero Levels more than one individual may be recognized with a plaque for rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. At the Legend or Icon Levels, all naming opportunities are exclusive to the individual donor.

Upon the completion of the renovation, the second living room will become an extension of the current library and will be filled with pictures, memorabilia and recognition of the generations of men that have lived at 635 North 16th Street. Henceforth, the room will be known as the Founders Library, and where those individuals supporting the Campaign will be formally recognized in perpetuity.