Adam Moline, Eminent Archon 2015

Welcome to the Nebraska Lambda-Pi chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The activities in which you participate, the memories you form and the success you have in college do not make up your college experience. It is the people with whom you do those activities, create those memories and achieve success that will be your college experience. If you walk the halls of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, you will find a brotherhood that challenges you to succeed, opens opportunities to new and productive activities, and together creates an opportunity to build lasting friendships. A diverse mix of backgrounds, interests and leaders provide us with the chance to learn and grow, while upholding our reputation as True Gentlemen (our guiding motto).

As a Fraternity, we believe that we have an academic responsibility to ourselves, our families, and to the organization. We work hard each semester to provide the best support network we can to challenge each other to succeed. This year we added an alumni scholarship advisor to our scholarship committee to add a more long-term perspective to our scholarship program. We are optimistic and working diligently toward improving our grades during the spring semester 2015.

Community service and philanthropy are another important part of our fraternity life. We recently hosted our 32nd annual “Do It Sober” alcohol awareness program, focused on helping our student community make wise and responsible decisions regarding the use of alcohol. This spring will coordinate Hockey Fights Cancer, where the last three years we have raised over $4,000 for the American Cancer Society. Our goals for 2015 also include expanded volunteer involvement by our members in community programs and services, such as the Big Event, a campus-wide volunteer opportunity. We believe that a strong philanthropic program creates a great opportunity for us to work and grow together and contribute to others in our community.

Over the past year we have made some significant changes that reflect upon our goals to continuously better the Fraternity and ourselves. In the process, we’ve overhauled and implemented a new cleaning system for our house, to ensure it looks its best at all times and provides the best living environment for our brothers. We’ve created an extensive officer handbook program to aid in education, management, accountability and transition, and focused more attention on programs for involving members living outside the house as well.

We also enjoy inviting faculty and guest speaker into our house to educate our members on issues, opportunities, and challenges inside the campus and out. Last year we were grateful to have Donde Plowman, the Dean of the Business College, visit our chapter and discuss the business college’s direction in the coming years. This year we look forward to having other leaders speak to our chapter to further our members’ education outside of the classroom.

When they are not in the classroom, you can find the men of our Chapter on the athletic fields and courts, competing in intramural championships or local marathons. You’ll find us involved in student government, supporting the programs and activities of the University and other Greek organizations and doing our part to foster leadership and contribute to University life.

In March of 2014 Sigma Alpha Epsilon became the first fraternity to eliminate the process of pledging. Today we extend bids and initiate new brothers within 90 hours of their arrival campus. For some chapters this may have been a more challenging change but for us it was relatively simple because we have had a limited term pledge program for over 10 years. The result of this new approach, which is really a return to our original principals, has been received well and has had a very positive impact. The fact is good brothers are not built through pledge programs. Brotherhood is built through trust and friendship and there is no better time to start that development, then on day one! We recently initiated 5 new brothers from our spring rush process and initiated 35 members last fall. We are excited by the prospects ahead and look forward to building on the great foundation of past generations. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon take pride in being True Gentleman with our goals being develop leaders, emphasize responsibility and encourage accountability.

When new men first move into the House at 635 N 16th Street, it may seem to be just a place of residence, but it quickly becomes home to all who wear the Greek letters of ΣAE. It’s a place where brotherhood is built and lifelong friendships are made.

As Eminent Archon (President) of the Nebraska Lambda-Pi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I thank you for taking the time to see what we are all about and where we’re headed in the future. I hope you’ll visit other sections of our website and learn more about the active chapter, recruitment of new members, alumni programs and the many other facets of the Fraternity.

Sincerely to all and Phi Alpha to Brothers,

Adam Moline
Eminent Archon 2015 (President)