Scholastic Achievement

Scholarship (Academics)

The goals, objectives and standards set by Sigma Alpha Epsilon, as well as the rules of conduct in the Fraternity House, are first and foremost intended to provide an atmosphere of learning and growth.

We hold our members to a high standard in the classroom and our overall House GPA ranks as one of the top amongst fraternities on campus.

In addition, our members have the opportunity to study with and immerge with other students of intelligence who strive to have an important and lasting impact on their success in the classroom.

During the Fall 2014 academic term, our chapter grades, ranking and comparisons were:

Fall 2014 ΣAE Chapter Grade Point Average: 3.001
Fall 2014 ΣAE rank among fraternities with over 100 members: 5th
Fall 2014 All UNL Men’s GPA: 2.927
Fall 2014 All non-fraternity male GPA: 2.887

Scholarship Awards

The Nebraska Lambda Pi Chapter, in Association with the Alumni Association, provides annual scholarship awards for members. They include:

Ray Dein Fraternity Zeal Award:
One Winner: $1,200
Two Runners Up: $400 (each)

Mike Wallin True Gentleman Award:
One Winner: $1,200
Two Runners Up: $400 (each)

ΣAE National Leadership School Awards
1-4 Award Annually: $1,300 (each)

ΣAE National Fraternity Scholarships and Financial Aid Programs

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Foundation Headquarters, located in Evanston, Illinois, just across the street from Northwestern University, offers several scholarship and student aid programs to ΣAE Brothers. For more information about these programs and services visit