On May 26, 1893 eight young men took an oath to uphold the values and principles of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and in so doing founded the Nebraska Lambda Pi Chapter of the Fraternity

Generation after generation have followed in their footsteps, each bringing new meaning and depth to a story of lasting brotherhood, leadership and friendship. More than 2500 young men have shared this experience and created a home within our Chapter House. No matter your class year or age, as a brother in Sigma Alpha Epsilon we share a special relationship.

While time and distance often take each of us far from the college home we know, the memories and connection to one another last a lifetime. We hope that this new website will serve all Lambda Pi brothers, friends and family with a greater opportunity to be an active part of the Fraternity every day. Whether you want to know what’s happening on campus, are looking for dates of upcoming alumni activities or want to connect with old friends, we hope you will find this website to be a welcome home. Phi Alpha!